Wednesday 24th March 2021

 Maths: today we are working on time and comparing durations.


Reading: please reread 'Sound and Hearing' and answer the questions.


English: please check your SPaG knowledge. 


Spelling: please practise your spellings. 


Spanish: can you count to 15 in Spanish and ask someone how old they are and tell them how old you are. 


PSHE: today we are thinking about  happiness can you create an affirmation poster for yourself to look at. 

Maths Work


Reading Questions



Tuesday 23rd March 2021

 Maths: today we are going to be problem solving using our knowledge of multiplying a number by 100.


Reading: read the comprehension on Sound and Hearing and answer the comprehension style questions.


English: look at the two examples of a setting description and think about what has changed. Your challenge today is to improve your writing from yesterday look at the check list and see if you can improve your work.


Spellings: please practise your spellings. 


Computing:  today we are thinking about Malware look at the images below and create a poster to advise people how to stay safe. 


Music: think back to the rap Stop! with  the message of encouraging people to stop bullying. Your task today is to write a song or a rap with a message of kindness and being kind to other people. 


Reading Questions


English - Checklist



Monday 22nd March 2021

Maths: today we are looking at multiplying a number by 100. 


Reading: today we are reading chapter 3 and answering the VIPER style questions please focus on retrieval and challenge yourself by answering the summarise and explain questions . 


English: today we are going to be writing a setting description. Take a look a images of the junkyard and choose one to focus on for your setting description. In your setting description can you include sentences using the five sense, take a look at the word map and magpie some describing words. 


Spelling: please take a look at this week's spellings and use a dictionary to check the meaning of any words you are unsure of. 


Science: today we are exploring pitch. Have a think what is meant by the word pitch. Watch this video and write down any questions you may have about pitch. What is pitch? - BBC Bitesize Have a go yourself at these experiments to explore pitch yourself: 

  1. Make a windpipe using straws. Straw Windpipe: Music Craft for Kids | Green Kid Crafts
  2. Fill 5 bottles with different amounts of liquid and blow into them. Think about which one will produce a low pitch and which one will produce a high pitch.

Maths Work

Chapter 3

VIPERS Questions

Junkyard Images

Word Bank - English


Science - Glass Bottle Experiment

Science Challenge

Friday 19th March 2021

 Maths: complete the sheet to consolidate your knowledge on multiplying by 10. 


Reading: summarise what you have read this week in Bill's New Frock.


English: complete this quick SPaG skills check. 


Spellings: please test yourself on this week's spellings and let me know how you get on. 


PE: P.E with Joe | Monday 23rd March 2020 - YouTube

Maths Work

English Work

Thursday 18th March 2021

Maths: today we are problem solving and reasoning using our knowledge about multiplying by 10. 


Reading: read the comprehension about 'Sound Waves' and answer the questions. Remember to highlight the key information in the question and skim and scan the text for the answer. 


English: today we are looking at fronted adverbials. A fronted adverbial is an adverbial that comes at the start of the sentence and we use them to add time, reason, manner or place.  


Spelling: please practise your spellings for this week. 


DT: today we are designing our guitar think about the structure and what materials will be required. 


RE: our question this half term is 'Why is Jesus inspiring to some people?' Think  about why some people find Jesus inspirational. Draw a picture of your role model and write a few words about them to explain why they are inspirational.  

Maths Work





Wednesday 17th March 2021

Maths: today we are continuing to practise multiplying by 10. 


Reading: please read chapter 2 of Bill’s New Frock and answer the infer and summarise question.


English: today we are looking at similes and metaphors. 


Spelling: please practise your spellings for this week.


PHSE: think about the emotion worry. Draw a picture of your worry monster and write down 5 things that you might worry about.


Spanish: we are looking about introductions can you introduce yourself in Spanish and ask someone how they are. Sing Along: Spanish Greetings - KS2 Spanish - BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize

Maths Work

Bill's New Frock Chapter 2

VIPER Questions


Tuesday 16th March 2021

Maths: today we are multiplying 1 digit number by 10. 


Reading:  please read chapter 1 of Bill’s New Frock and answer the vocabulary and explain questions if you want to challenge yourself answer the explain questions.


Spelling: please practise your spellings for this week.


English: take a look at the riddle poems below. Can you write a riddle poem on an object from the film treasure please use the following link if you wish to watch it again Treasure - Ringling Thesis 2011 on Vimeo


Science: please watch the following video and complete the science sheets. Understanding sound - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize


Chapter 1

Reading Questions


Riddle poems

Science Starter

Science Task

Science Challenge