Mr Bowden - Writing

Thursday 4th March - apostrophes for plural possession


You should now be close to completing your biography as this is the last lesson from me before you came back to school. Read through it - Have you used: adverbials of time; relative clauses, linking sentences, parenthesis and formal words for and or but. Also watch the video on plural possession and complete the activities during it. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you on Monday



Tuesday 2nd March - apostrophes


The main learning target this week will be to complete the biographies of yourselves - use the plan and the example to help you. Can you also complete the work on apostrophes by watching the video linked below and completing the tasks which appear during the video - so you come back to secure more confident with the use of apostrophes - Good luck





Friday 26th February - Possession apostrophe


Today we are going to look at the apostrophe when it is used for possession. Below is the link to the Oak Academy lesson and the slides I will be using in class. After the lesson you can have a go at finishing your biography.


Wednesday 22nd February...


Having read some of your writing I think we should go back over the use of the apostrophe. Today we will look at apostrophe for contraction. There are some tasks during the lesson to help you. The slides are below to help. After the lesson you can spend some time writing your biography introductions and early life sections.



There will be some on line lessons focused on spellings this week but the main activity is for you to plan and write a biography about yourselves. To do this follow the sequence below and have fun with your imaginations and ambitions! I look forward to reading them.


W/C Monday 22nd February 2021

Lesson 1 - Read Mr. Bowden's Biography and plan your own


I have used my imagination and had a bit of fun making up some things about myself and what might be included in my biography in a few years time.

Some bits are true but you will see that lots of it I have made up. I had fun writing this!!

I have thought about how a biography is organised and started with my early life and then onto my adult life and why I became famous!!!


After you have read my biography, I want you to plan your own biography as if someone was writing this when you are older.

Remember..... be imaginative.......give yourself an interesting life.......have fun with your ideas.


Use the planning sheet below to organise your plan. you don't need to write on the sheet. You can use your own paper