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Science 26th April:

We are drawing to a close on our short electricity topic. Create a 2-page (you can be as create as you like and use any media e.g. computer) to display what you have learnt. 

Use these prompts to help you to structure your work:

  • Facts about electricity: e.g. Who and How was electricity discovered? Who invented the first battery? What discovery did Benjamin Franklin come up with. 
  • Draw a simple series circuit
  • Match the symbol to the name of the component
  • Think back to our experiments: What happens when you add more batteries to circuit only containing 1 bulb? What happens when you have more components to batteries? What happens if you increase the wire length?
  • Other facts you have learnt. 


Our lesson this week is on Digital Wellbeing:

Sort these out into positive and negative interactions using the internet. 

Information on what Digital Wellbeing actually means: 

Design a poster explaining what digital wellbeing is and how we can use technology positively and safely.