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Miss Davies -  Reading

Wednesday 24th March/Thursday 25th

LO: To improve comprehension skills

Complete one comprehension on these famous inventors each day. Complete the VIPERS questions. 

Monday 22nd March/Tuesday 23rd - class novel:

Retrieval quiz and VIPERS questions based upon the class novel. Use Point and Evidence for Inference questions. 

Retrieval Quiz:

  • Who is the main character?
  • Where does he currently live?
  • How long has the main character been at the orphanage?
  • Which country and year is the story set?
  • How many children live in the orphanage?
  • What falls in his soup?
  • Who are the torture squad?
  • How does Felix convince them to leave Jankiel alone?
  • How did Jankiel’s parents die?
  • How does Felix and Zelda meet for the first time?
  • How old is Zelda?

Summarise: –

  • Summarise the character of Felix in three words again. Have these words changed since Chapter One? Why?
  • Summarise why Felix chooses to leave the orphanage in ten words or less.
  • Summarise Felix’s experiences outside of the orphanage in fifty words or less.


  • Why does Felix decide to tell the girl a story?
  • Why do you think the house might be on fire?
  • Why do you think Felix gives Zelda more of the bread?
  • Why does Felix’s head hurt when he thinks of his parents?
    Why does Felix want to distract Zelda?

Challenge - vocabulary:

  • What is a ‘vivid imagination’?
  • What does ‘gleaming’ mean?
  • What does ‘indignant’ mean?