Lyndhurst Community Primary School

Vision Statement for Maths

Challenge Support and Inspire


We believe that the study of mathematics should be rich and stimulating, engaging and fascinating learners of all ages, interests and abilities. We aim to inspire our pupils to have a lifelong passion for maths, inspiring every child to think of themselves as true mathematicians.


Mathematics at Lyndhurst should be ‘real’ and meaningful; provoking questioning, reasoning and enabling children to develop problem solving skills. Our maths curriculum is designed around these themes with emphasis on all children having the core knowledge required in the fundamental mathematical concepts in order to succeed in all of areas of maths.


We will encourage our children to challenge the way that they think through well thought out activities, enabling them to reason their answers in an articulate manner. A concrete, pictorial and abstract approach will support the children at each stage of their learning and encourage a relationship of peer to peer learning as well as learning as a cohort.


There is great emphasis placed on children understanding the mathematics they are working on; not simply trying to remember rules and formulas.