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Lyndhurst Community Primary School

Intent for Maths

Challenge Support and Inspire


We believe that the study of mathematics should be rich and stimulating, engaging and fascinating learners of all ages, interests and abilities. We aim to inspire our pupils to have a lifelong passion for maths, inspiring every child to think of themselves as true mathematicians.

At Lyndhurst, we intend for maths to be ‘real’ and meaningful; provoking questioning, reasoning and enabling children to develop problem solving skills. We believe that maths should be rewarding for all learners, endeavouring to support the whole mathematical process rather than simply the end result. We will encourage our children to challenge the way that they think through well thought out activities, enabling them to reason their answers in an articulate manner. There is great emphasis placed on children understanding the mathematics they are working on; not simply trying to remember rules and formulas. 

Our maths curriculum is designed around these themes with emphasis on all children having the core knowledge required in the fundamental mathematical concepts in order to succeed in all of areas of maths.

We begin in Nursery with the New Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and then our curriculum is mapped by the White Rose Scheme of work. Here we focus on breaking down topics into smaller more manageable objectives; building coherence and fluency with each step. For each objective the children focus on a progression from concrete resources to pictorial representations and finally into the numerical abstract, supported through quality first modelling; the use of peer to peer learning; small group work and learning as a whole cohort. To improve our children’s mathematical thinking and fluency we have created a curriculum which allows for clear links to flow between subjects; often teaching topics such are Measures, Statistics and Problem solving through Science, Geography, History, Physical Education and Forest School.

There is a great emphasis on increasing fluency through regular practise outside of the traditional lesson. This process supports our children by ensuring that learning is reinforced and consolidated within and across each year group. In KS1 we develop the children’s ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly consisting of number facts and timetables. Whereas in KS2, we progress further to having dedicated time each day to focus on arithmetic practise. This dedicated time has ensured a calm, structured start to our day as well as having one of the biggest impacts on fluency. Additionally, children are further supported in this area with the opportunities to access Numbots/TT rockstars both in school and at home.

We have worked with the Tameside and High Peak Maths Hub for the last few years to continue to develop our teaching of mathematics and ensure that our children are given the best teaching possible.