Support, Challenge, Inspire




At Lyndhurst we intend to make every child feel a sense of belonging by creating a happy, safe positive learning environment where every child is valued and nurtured.

Using our school values of support challenge and inspire…

We strive to work in partnership with parents and carers to encourage independent, happy learners who thrive in school and reach their full potential from their various starting points. We encourage children to develop care, respect and appreciation for the environment in which they live and for others, including those with beliefs, cultures and opinions different to their own.

We value the individuality of the children and ensure that regardless of their needs, we have high expectations and aspirations for them all.

Our vision is to channel the natural curiosity every child by providing an ambitious curriculum creating a stimulating environment that develops interest, excitement and motivation to learn.

We foster and nurture children’s self-confidence, so they are brave and recognise and fulfil their individual potential and special talents.

We provide opportunities for children to take ownership of their learning and behaviour by making choices which will foster emotionally resilient learners and thinkers.

We promote collaborative learning by encouraging children to develop positive relationships with their peers and other members of the school community.

We encourage parents and carers to become active partners with the school.

We will ensure there is a smooth and effective transition between Early Years (Nursery and Reception) and Key Stage 1. From nursery to reception through familiarity with adults and the environment and provision of stay and play opportunities for the children new to school. For a smooth start to Year 1, we begin to introduce more formalised learning styles within the summer term. Readying the children for the expectations of KS1. Schemes of work are used in phonics, early reading, maths and some foundation subjects allowing for continued learning styles from EYFS to Year 6

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