Support, Challenge, Inspire


Lyndhurst Ethos and Values

At Lyndhurst Community Primary School, we are determined to provide all our children with the very best educational outcomes. Our aim is to create a happy, vibrant, caring and safe environment where all children flourish and reach their full potential. Our vision for all children is built around key principles which underpin all we do.


We aim to create a sense of belonging for our all pupils, families and staff. Our school is at the heart of the community and we are proud of all of our pupils and their achievements. Lyndhurst is a happy and safe environment where everyone is valued. We all take responsibility for maintaining this supportive, caring atmosphere.


We have the highest expectations and aspirations of our children in every year group this includes behaviour and conduct around school. Our children deserve the very best in life and we are determined to provide them with the foundations for success. Staff and governors are committed to ensuring that all children leave Lyndhurst with the skills, experiences, understanding and attitudes necessary to carry them through their teenage years and into successful adult lives.


Lyndhurst is a learning community. We aim to instil a thirst for knowledge and develop enquiring minds in all our pupils and staff. As a school staff, we strive for continued excellence in all we do and are reflective about our achievements. We encourage and actively promote these values in all of our pupils.


Our school values of Inspire, Support and Challenge are embedded in all we say and do and are explored and actively promoted at all times.