Support, Challenge, Inspire

At Lyndhurst Community Primary School we believe that every child should have a voice, so we established our School Council to give the children the space to make sure that their voices were heard. Every child in every year group (Year 1 - Year 6) has the opportunity to run as a School Council member for their class. We discuss the British Value of a democracy and how everyone has a vote and that their vote is kept secret and no one has the right to ask who or what they voted for.  Each year group is represented by 2 people, with Year 6 children having roles that carry more responsibility. 

We believe that listening to the children is the best way to understand the ethos and feel of our school and they will guide us in our mission to ensure that every child has their best experience in our school. Our School Council aims to meet at least once every half term.


Do you have an idea you'd like us to hear? See who your representatives are below and let them know!

Our Current Councillors:

Year 1 - Rhys and Coco

Year 2 - Harry and Penelope

Year 3 - Max & Baelie 

Year 4 - Ilana & Reilly 

Year 5 - Kamsy & Lily-Mae

Year 6 - Rachel & Charlie 


Our Focus This Term is:

This term we are looking at improving reading! We want to hear from you - what are you thoughts about:
1.Our library 
2. Our books
3. Reading at home 
4. Reading in school

Find your councillor and let them know what you think will make these things better and more exciting! 


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Lyndhurst Community Primary School has one Head Boy and one Head Girl plus their deputies. These candidates are from Year 6 and have to apply for this role and are carefully selected to work with the Headteacher to market and improve the school. 

The Head Boy and Head Girl work with the Headteacher to represent our school to our visitors and are welcomed to join in with giving assemblies with members of our Senior Leadership Team. They have been specifically chosen as there are good role models for the rest of the school and embody our 3 core values of:

  • Support 
  • Challenge 
  • Inspire 

They will also join with the School Council (when applicable) to ensure that we are all working together to make Lyndhurst Community Primary School the best school for our pupils. 

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