Support, Challenge, Inspire



Lyndhurst Community Primary School

Vision Statement for Science

Challenge Support and Inspire




In Science we aim to support our children in their learning by ensuring they have the core knowledge required to succeed in all areas of Science. We will do this by immersing the children in the facts through embedding vocabulary and continually re enforcing learning which  The knowledge will be embedded through high quality texts; technology; visits and visitors as well as hands on activities and experiments to embed the skills required to be a scientist. Through our unique set of topics, we will ensure the children can see the links with other areas of the science and the wider curriculum.

We will challenge our children to use and present their knowledge and skills in a variety of ways and to extend their learning in areas of their choice. And we will inspire our children to become scientists by relating their work to the real world through well thought out activities which are relevant to their own lives giving them a desire to succeed. And through visits and visitors to and from real scientists